Next Event – Saturday 5th of June

Bring on the start of winter at the next Cars and Coffee Brisbane event on the 5th of June at Coorparoo.
If your company would like to sponsor C&C, please message us.
Due to the ongoing Coronavirus we must adhere to the Qld
government guidelines for events up to 500 people. Social distancing of 1.5m apart and no more than 1 person per 4 square metres. Please stay home if you have any COVID like symptoms. We encourage all in attendance to download the COVIDSafe app. Please refer to the official government coronavirus website for more information:
Our charity is Radio Lollipop. Flinders Coffee will have collection tins at their vans. Please support them.
Keep in mind that this is a family-friendly event, so please drive and behave responsibly.
****If you park in the following properties you will be towed away. The Bone Clinic at 26 Turbo Drive, Theatre & Dance at 21 Castlemaine St, Fort Knox Storage at 1/8 Castlemaine St or Model Consultants Int 17 Castlemaine St****
Please show our neighbours the respect they deserve.
See you all there.



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2 Responses to Next Event – Saturday 5th of June

  1. David Reid

    I will preface this by saying I am not a grumpy old fart and am a car enthusiast owning Jaguars Triumphs etc.
    I went to this at Coorparoo and others and myself were disgusted and concerned about the driving of the entrants leaving the event. Fish tailing down deshon street with crowds on either side of the road is totally irresponsible and an accident waiting to happen. We are talking about Ferrari to Ford Focus . One idiot in a gold Nissan 370 came through from Easts end at over 100kph with people crossing DEshon street a few minutes before and 2 in some Japanse cars were basically racing from logan road end. There will be a fatality and the phrase cashed up bogans was heard from the chap near me and further they said they were going to advise the police. Thought you may be interested it is a road not a race track for frustrated boy racers showing off to the crowd thinking they are being impressive when most people near me thought they we losers. Naturally some were acting responsibly but there were a hell of a lot that were not. Someone will lose control and go into the crowd . Regards David

  2. Calum Ballinger

    Good morning David, we are as disturbed by some of the driving standards as you are. Time and time again we have posted on the Facebook page telling people to refrain. Most of the time it settles down for a few months only to find ourselves back where we started as time goes by. I’ll endeavour to get some photographs in July for both the Facebook page and the police.

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